Humber College North Campus
Computer Programmer Diploma
(Completed December 2013)

Humber College North Campus
Videogame Programmer Advanced Diploma
(Attempted 2008 - 2011)

Work Experience:
Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre,
Service Technician & Customer Service Rep (Contract)
(Hired: 03-31-2016 Completed: 01-19-2017)

Work Experience:
Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre,
Intranet Site Developer and Department Trainer (InternShip)
(Hired: 11-02-2015 Completed: 03-30-2016)

Work Experience:
CompuSave Plus,
Web Designer (Contract)
(Hired: 10-28-2014 Completed: 02-10-2015)

Work Experience:
O'Brien Plumbing,
Web Developer (Contract)
(Hired: 03-14-2011 - Present)

Part-Time Work Experience:
Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas
Position: Customer Service Rep (5 Years)
(Hired: 02-16-2008 Resigned: 01-19-2013)

My Heartfelt Resignation Letter

Volunteer Work Experience:
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre
Position: Volunteer
(Hired: Summer 2005 Completed: 10-25-2005)

Enjoys: Game Texture Sets, Advertisement Graphics, MIDIs and SoundFonts, Virus Removal, Ransomware Removal, Software Adaptive Maintenance, and 3D Modeling (My New Hobby). I also enjoy traveling with the family.

Ooi's Taekwondo Yellow Belt (2005)
Ooi's Taekwondo Orange Belt (2005)
Ooi's Taekwondo Snr. Orange Belt (2006)
Ooi's Taekwondo Green Belt (2006)
WHSA Online Training Certificate:
Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps

.PDF or .JPG
AODA WorkShop Training Certificate:
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Humber Professor Credits of Portfolio Materials:
(Academic Titles are what I could find from Google)

Dr. Andriy Pavlovych, PhD
Douglas Ryerson
Bill Wright, BA
Blair A. McMurchy, Ed.D(c), MA, BA, BEd
Eric Dymond, BFA
Dr. Igor Pustylnick, DBA, DFin, PhD, MBA
Jawaad Sheikh, PEng, BA, DTM
John C. Metcalfe BA, BA(Hon.), MA
John Stilla
Lynda Hausman
Michael Badyk
Mohammad Sajadi
Nicoleta Zouri
Nithya Thayananthan
Dr. Peter Gehbauer, OCT, BSc, BEd, MBA, MA, PhD
Ravinder Singh
Dr. Razieh Niazi, MSc, PhD
Dr. Robert N. Robson, PhD
Dr. Robert John Teather, PhD, MSc, BSc(Hon.)
Dr. Scott Fielder, PhD, MA
Dr. Shumon Loutfouz Zaman, PhD, MSc, BSc
Dr. Umer Noor, PhD
Dr. Volodymyr Voytenko, PhD

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